Jennifer Krueger

As a young girl, Jennifer Krueger looked up to her grandmother, Mary Cornell, who was an extremely talented artist and active community member. Showing interest in art at such a young age, Jennifer was fortunate to have the guidance from her grandmother and encouragement from her family. Growing up on the east coast of Canada, Jennifer was surrounded by many influences that have made her the Canadian artist we see today.

Inspiration came not only from her grandmother, but also by her aunt April Cornell who is an extremely talented fashion designer. As a graduate of Sheridan College in Art Fundamentals, and of Seneca College in Fashion Arts, Jennifer has all the right skills to create remarkable products for you, the valued customer.

Jennifer first learned to paint in watercolour; as this was her grandmother's specialty, but she now creates fine art in over six mediums. Jennifer is known for her versatility of artistic talent using such a wide variety of mediums and subjects creating an unpredictable uniqueness about what Jennifer will present at her next exhibit.

When Jennifer was not painting, she was going to camp, or playing a sport of some kind. Through counselling at camps, and being the captain of many soccer teams, Jennifer has always found herself in a leadership role. Taking her love of creating art to the classroom was a natural progression. The balance of studio time and classroom time is allowing Jennifer to be the creative artist we see today.